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1. ---We'll do what we can ____English well this term.

---It?s high time for you to work hard.

A. study 

B. to study 

C. be studied 

D. be studying

解析:這題可能會誤選A,因為大家知道情態動詞后接動詞原形,但是請大家分析下句子的成分,這里的what we can 實際省略了do,這個what we can do 在句子中作賓語從句。正確答案是B,用動詞不定式作目的狀語。

2. ---I don't think your team can beat theirs.

---____. But we could if Lin Tao were on the team.

A. No, we can?t 

B. Yes, we can?t 

C. Yes, we can 

D. No, we can

解析:在think,believe這類詞接的賓語從句,否定要提前。而對于否定句的回答,與習慣相反,yes是“不”no 是“是的”B,D結構不正確,首先要排除。而我們看后面的BUT,表示轉折,說明回答者的隊沒有打贏。那么就是we can't. 正確答案是A。翻譯為“是的,我們沒有贏”。

3. ---Have you finished your work yet?

---No, not yet. I think it'll take _____ ten minutes.

A. another 

B. other 

C. others 

D. more

解析:another +數詞+名詞 固定用法,another表示“另外的,再” 根據題目意思,可以判斷是需要再花10分鐘,所以答案是A。

4. Roy made several kites, but _____ of them can fly high in the sky. 

A. neither 

B. none 

C. all 

D. most

解析:neither "兩者中任何一個都不" all "三者或三者以上都" most"大部分" 根據題目意思,只有none表示三個或三個以上“一個都沒有”,故選C。

5. ---Will you be back ____ five in the afternoon? 

---I?m not sure, maybe later than that.

A. in 

B. before 

C. for 

D. until

解析:in 只能接一段時間,before "在...之前" for 接一段時間,until“直到...."答案為B。

6. ---I'm sorry to have kept you waiting long.

---Never mind. I ____ here for only a few minutes.

A. have been 

B. have come 

C. have arrived 

D. waited


7. ---You seem to like sweets.

---_______ .That's probably why I'm becoming fatter and fatter.

A. So I do 

B. So do I 

C. So am I 

D. So I am

解析:seem 是連系動詞,不能用be動詞來回答。So I do 是“的確如此”表示同意對方的觀點 so do I “我也一樣”答案為A。

8. With the help of the computer, information can ____every corner of the world swiftly. 

A. get 

B. reach 

C. arrive 

D. return

解析:get ,arrive,到達,是不及物動詞,get to,arrive at,arrive in 是固定搭配。而reach是及物動詞,可以直接接賓語,“到達” return是“返回”與題目意思不符合,答案為B。

9. The children ______ not to play with the fire.

A. are told 

B. tell 

C. are telling 

D. told 


10. ---May I go out with you tomorrow?

---If your job ______by then.

A. has been finished 

B. finish 

C. will be finished 

D. will finish


11. --Will you please show me how to operate the new machine?

---Sure. It’s a piece of cake. Now let me tell you ____ to do first. 

A. what 

B. how 

C. whether 

D. which

解析:whether是否,which哪一個,與題意不符合,而如果用how,do 后面應該有賓語。how to do it.答案為A,what to do first 首先做什么。

12. ---My trousers are______ .

---I'll buy you a new pair.

A. wore out 

B. worn out 

C. wearing out 

D. sold out

解析:wear out 穿壞,sell out賣完??闋郵潛淮┗?,而不是主動的,所以是被動語態,答案是B。

13. ---What do you think of these two books?

---_____ of them are interesting. And I've read them several times. 

A. Both 

B. Neither 

C. None 

D. Either

解析:根據題意,是兩本書,both“兩者都”,neither"兩者都不" ,none"一個也沒有", either"兩者中任何一個"答案是A。

14. ---The artist has got _____ much work to do that he hardly has time to help his wife with the housework.

---That?s true. Even on Sundays he is busy with his work. 

A. too 

B. so 

C. very 

D. such

解析:本題是考so ...that和such ....that的用法。such是修飾名詞,但是如果名詞前有many ,much ,little,few等修飾詞,則用so 代替such.答案為B.

15. ---How long ____ you ____a fever? 

---Ever since last night.

A. have, got 

B. have, had 

C. have, caught 

D. did, have


16. ---I think he lives _____ No.386 West St.

---Are you sure _____ that? You?d better make sure.

A. at, / 

B. in, of 

C. in, about 

D. at, of

解析:live in "居住"后接大地點。live at "居住"后面接具體的地點。be sure of /be sure about 確信,固定用法。表示對什么有把握。答案為D。

17. ---The rain came to a stop the night before. The fields are still full of water. 

---It _____ for nearly a week.

A. has rained 

B. had rained 

C. would rain 

D. was raining

解析:came to a stop“停止”the night before"前一個晚上"for+一段時間用于完成時,而came 表明是過去時,所以后面用過去完成時。答案為B。

18. ---He seems _____ ill. Shall we take him to the hospital right now? 

---I don?t think it matters. Maybe he's caught a bit of a cold.

A. terrible 

B. terribly 

C. even 

D. to be terrible

解析:seem+形容詞 “好像是”ill “病了”用副詞修飾。答案為B. even修飾形容詞/副詞比較級。

19. ---Would you like ___ some fruit?

---No thanks. I don't feel like _____ anything now.

A. to have, to eat 

B. having, to eat 

C. having, eating 

D. to have, eating 

解析:would you like to do sth.委婉詢問對方的意愿“是否想要做什么....”可以排除B.C .而feel like +名詞/動名詞,表示“覺得好像....” 答案為D。

20. ---This is really a wonderful party with interesting people and great food. 

---I'm glad you are _____.

A. liking it 

B. enjoying yourself 

C. at the party 

D. are loving

解析:enjoy yourself "玩得高興" 表示感情的love,like 一般不用于進行時。C與題意不符合。答案是B。

21. ---You've dropped _____ “s?? in the word “acros??

---Oh, ____ letter “s? should be doubled like this “across?. A. a, a 

B. an, a 

C. a, the 

D. an, the

解析:本題考查冠詞的用法。表示泛指時用不定冠詞,a 用在輔音發音字母之前,an用在元音發音字母之前。s的讀音為/es/,為元音發音。應用“an”,后面表特指,上面出現的,應用"the",答案為D.

22. ---The pen writes well though it doesn't cost much.

--- Let me have a try. So _____.

A. it is 

B. it does 

C. does it 

D. is it


23. ---The smell in the room is really terrible.

---You said it. Let's keep all the windows _____ .

A. closed 

B. open 

C. opening 

D. to open

解析:keep+賓語+形容詞 "使...保持某狀態" keep+賓語+動詞ing形式,也表示“使...保持某狀態”但是賓語是后面動詞的發出者,如:keep you waiting ,根據題意,房間里味道不好,要把窗戶打開,而不是關上。答案是B。

24. ---____ the Internet _____ in your school?

---Yes, but the computer in our office has often broken down.

A. Is, used 

B. Is, using 

C. Does, use 

D. Has, used 


25. ---Do you often get on-line?

---Yes. I ______ most of my time on it. It's a good way to kill time. 

A. cost 

B. spend 

C. pay 

D. take

解析:cost 一般物作主語,“花費” spend "花費時間或金錢" pay 支付(錢) take一般指花費時間。答案為B。

26. ---Did Tom’s parents go to the meeting yesterday? 

---Yes, ____ of them did, but ____ spoke.

A. each, none 

B. both, none 

C. neither, both 

D. both, neither

解析:根據題目意思,是父母兩個人去了會議,后面有個but,表示轉折,應該是都沒有發言,答案為D。Both 兩者都,neither兩者都沒有。

27. ---I eat ____ vegetables and ___ meat than I did last year. 

---That's why you're getting fatter.

A. fewer, more 

B. more, less 

C. least, more 

D. many, much

解析:第二句話的意思是:這就是你越來越胖的原因。那么可以判斷第一句話是跟去年相比,我吃更少的蔬菜,更多的肉。而蔬菜是復數,只能用fewer來修飾表示比較少。less修飾不可數名詞表示比較少。more是many 和much的比較級,可以修飾可數和不可數名詞。答案為A。

28. ---_____ is the population of the town?

---Over 20,000 .And a third of the population ____ workers of the car factory.

A. What, are 

B. How many, are 

C. What, is 

D. How many, is 

解析:對人口提問用how large 或what . The population of ....作主語時謂語動詞用單數。當主語表示人口的百分之幾,幾分之幾時,謂語動詞用復數形式。答案為A。

29. ---I tried to make Kate ____ her mind, but I found it hard.

---Well, I saw you_______ that when I went past.

A. change, do 

B. changes, doing 

C. to change, do 

D. change , doing


30. ---Sorry,I am late.

---It doesn’t matter. The meeting ___ for just several minutes

A. has begun 

B. has started 

C. has been on 

D. had been on


31. ---I feel tired and sleepy.

---Why not stop _____?

A. to work 

B. to have a rest 

C. having a rest 

D. to go on with your work 

解析:stop to do sth.表示停下了去做另外的事。stop doing sth. 表示停止做某事。句子的意思是我感覺很累,很想睡。對方肯定是勸她停下手上的事去休息。答案是B。

32. ---Did you notice the boy come in?

---No, I didn't because I _______a film.

A. had watched 

B. have watched 

C. was watching 

D. am watching


33. ---Could you tell me _____? I must find him.

---Sorry, I have no idea. But he was here just now.

A. where Tom was 

B. where has Tom gone 

C. where can I find Tom. 

D. where Tom is

解析:本題是考查賓語從句的用法。由what,where,who等疑問詞引導的賓語從句要用陳述語氣,疑問詞+陳述句,而不是疑問詞+一般疑問句。Could 此時表示委婉的請求語氣,而不是過去時。答案為D。

34. ---Shall I tell Mike about it?

---No, you _____. He's already been told.

A. mustn't 

B. can't 

C. don't 

D. needn't

解析:mustn?t 表示“禁止,不許” can?t “不能” don?t”不...” needn?t “不必要”根據題目意思,他已經知道了,不存在著禁止,不能的意思。Don?t也不能回答Shall 引導的一般疑問句,答案為D。

35. ---I?m ______ in what _____ you.

---Well, don?t follow suit. Just do what you like.

A. interesting, interests 

B. interested, interests 

C. interest, interests 

D. interest, interesting

解析:be interested in 對...感興趣,人作主語 ;interesting 令人感興趣的,物作主語;interest使人感興趣。答案為B。

36. ---I‘m too busy_______ to my family often.

---Why not call them instead?

A. writing 

B. to write 

C. written 

D. write

解析:too....to 太....而不能......我太忙而不能經常給我家里人寫信。答案為B。

37. ---______ present you’ve bought for me!

---I‘m glad you like it.

A. How a 

B. What a 

C. How 

D. What


38. ---This is no-smoking zone. Can’t you see the sign?

---Oh, sorry. I ______ it.

A. haven‘t seen 

B. won’t see 

C. don‘t see 

D. didn’t see

解析:這是無煙區,難道你不能看見這個標示嗎? 在這個人的提示下,答話人現在肯定看見這個標示了。那么是以前沒看見,答案為D。

39. ---Will you please let me have a look at the photos taken in the States?

---Sure .I‘ll _____ them here to school tomorrow. 

A. take 

B. carry 

C. get 

D. bring

解析:本題主要對比take 和bring。take是拿走,bring是拿來。carry是攜帶,get是得到,答案為D。

40. ---Look at ____ animal. It’s interesting.

---Which one do you mean? ____ black one with a long tail? A. an, The 

B. an, An 

C. the, The 

D. the, An


41. ---What happened to Tom?

---He was crossing the street ____ a motorbike hit him from behind. 

A. while 

B. when 

C. until 

D. because

解析:while表示“在......時候”時不能與瞬間動詞連用。hit是撞,瞬間的動作。when “當....時候”可以與瞬間動詞連用。until 直到....because 因為,后面兩個與題目意思不符合,答案為B.

42. ---Dad, what‘s the sea like?

---Well, it’s large and full of water. It covers about _____ of the earth.

A. one third 

B. three quarter 

C. three-fourth 

D. three quarters


43. ---Go and ask the waiter how much_____.

---Don't worry. It has been _____.

A. does the meal cost, paid for 

B. the meal costs, paid 

C. the meal spends, paid 

D. the meal costs, paid for

解析:首先賓語從句用陳述句語序,A可以排除。cost表示某物花多少錢,spend 花費時間或金錢,一般人做主語。pay表示付錢,pay for 為....支付了多少錢。答案是B。

44. ---Does the child need any help?

---No. He is old enough to _____ himself.

A. put on 

B. wear 

C. dress 

D. take care

解析:put on 強調穿的動作,wear強調穿著的狀態,dress后面接人做主語,dress sb.給某人穿衣,dress oneself給自己穿衣,take care of 照顧。答案為C。

45. ---There can be no life on the earth without water.

---That?s right. Water _____ everywhere.

A. needs 

B. is needing 

C. is needed 

D. needed


46. ---Were you late ____the meeting?

---No, I arrived there ten minutes______ the meeting started.

A. for, before 

B. at, before 

C. for, till 

D. at, after

解析:be late for 固定用法 “為......遲到” ---為什么你開會遲到? ---不,我在開會前十分鐘到的。答案為A。till 直到 after ...之后,before ...之前。

47. ---Excuse me, but I don‘t think you can take photos here.

---Sorry I ____ this is no-photo zone.

A. don’t know 

B. didn‘t know 

C. have no idea 

D. haven’t known


48. ---How many English words had you learned ___ the end of last term?

---Around 2000, but I?ve forgotten most of them. 

A. by 

B. at 

C. to 

D. on

解析:by the end of 到....為止,如果后面接將來時間,主句用將來時,如果后面是現在時間,主句用現在完成時,如果是過去時間,主句用過去完成時。at the end of “在...盡頭”后面接時間時,一般用過去時或將來時。答案為A。

49. ---Are you learning art now during your spare time?

---No. I've stopped _____ Chinese medicine instead.

A. to learn 

B. learning 

C. learn 

D. studying 

解析:---你現在在空閑時間學習藝術嗎?---不,我已經停止了,在學中醫。stop to do 和stop doing分別表示“停下來去做某事”和“停止做某事”答案為A。

50. ---What did you ____ just now?

---I _____ you if you could follow me.

A. say, said 

B. speak, asked 

C. speak, said 

D. say, asked


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